Twelve Dots
Brand Identity, Stationery, Literature, Promotional Items & Illustration

Twelve Dots are in the business of connecting people. They work with teams, individuals and organisations to help them work better together, through behavioural awareness, personality profiling, empowerment training and team building exercises. Their ultimate goal is to enable their clients to get the results they need for themselves and carry on doing so after they've gone.

For the Twelve Dots identity ATTFIELD created a simple brandmark that alludes to the idea of something that is greater than the sum of it’s parts; Each dot represents a unique individual and is a different colour and size. They work together to form the brand name in an interesting and unexpected way.

The dots from the Twelve Dots identity are also the core building blocks of the brand’s visual language and can be rearranged to form icons that help tell different aspects of the company story. We will be working with Twelve Dots to develop more of these as and when needed.