Project completed on a freelance basis for Reach Brands.

Hugo’s Greengrocer & Deli
Brand Identity, Copywriting, Stationery, Promotional Materials, Van Livery & Shopfront

Hugo’s is a new greengrocer and deli based in the vibrant North Street area of Bristol. Hugo’s sell seasonal fruit and veg, sourced from farms within a ten mile radius of Bristol. They also sell amazing espresso, invaluable for customers with an early start or in need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Hugo asked us to capture the idea of locally sourced, seasonal produce from Bristol, as well as espresso, in an iconic, easily recognisable brandmark that his customers could relate to. “Should be pretty simple” he said. 

Hugo’s passion and clear vision for his new brand proved to be just the inspiration we needed, although it wasn’t quite as simple as we imagined!

After submitting initial concepts for the new brand identity we settled on a design route featuring an iconic H mnemonic. Each of the four corners of the H represents a different season, whist the crossbar brings them all together at Bristol’s iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge. Sat on top of the bridge is a hot cup of espresso. Mission accomplished.

Each of the elements in the H can be also used individually, or combined as patterns, and help to form the graphic language of the larger brand identity.