It starts with a phone call or email. After that we meet in person; we don’t start work with anyone until we’ve actually met. Good chemistry is just as important to us as creating great work. A new project is also the beginning of a relationship and we need to see eye to eye from the start or it just won’t work.

After we’ve agreed to work together, we will send you a detailed cost proposal for the work required. When this is accepted we research the category in which you operate, exploring your competitors and customers. Then we put together a presentation that includes your brief as we understand it, with any added information that we think is relevant. We will also present three creative directions for your new identity. These will incorporate mood boards which help us both agree parameters for the creative work, so that there are no huge surprises.

The next stage is concept generation. We present three concepts, demonstrated across three or four touchpoints (business card, poster, website home page for e.g.). Concepts usually range from slightly safer through to more revolutionary, depending on the brief. 

The third stage is refinement. After you choose a concept we will pull it apart and put it back together again, considering all feedback and interrogating every aspect of it until it looks perfect. After we present the refined branding, we will ask you for any last tweaks that are needed before finalisation. 

The last stage is rollout. We supply all versions of your branding as a set of digital files and send any physical materials to the printers. We also provide full print liaison to ensure that everything is printed correctly.



All design agencies use the collective “we” on their websites and “we” are no exception, but there is a difference. “We” can sometimes mean that the people that you have meetings with aren’t the ones working on your project, which can lead to problems. Not so with us.

ATTFIELD was started by Simon Attfield to provide a personal service where clients get to work directly with a creative director with over 20 years experience. Simon is, and always will be, the core creative on all projects. This is not only faster and more efficient but more cost effective and rewarding for both parties.

So why do we say “we”? Whilst Simon will be the main person on your project, generating ideas, creating your branding, attending meetings, he may also engage the services of some of our trusted pool of experienced freelance illustrators, strategists, animators and artworkers. Especially if it means a better, more expedient result. 


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